N6700 Modular Power System Family

Data Sheets

N6700 Modular Power System Family

N6705C, N6715C DC Power Analyzer Mainframes

N6731B – N6786A DC Power Modules

N6791A - N6792A Electronic Load Modules

BV9200B, BV9201B Control and Analysis Software

BV9210B, BV9211B Advanced Battery Test and Emulation Software

R&D Engineers are Under Time Pressure

  • Ideal for R&D testing and design validation
  • Sources and measures DC voltage and current into your device under test
  • Combines one to four DC power supplies or Electronic loads, DMM, oscilloscope, arbitrary waveform generator, and data logger in one integrated instrument
  • Saves time – no programming required
  • Eliminates the need to gather and configure multiple instruments
  • Flexible, modular system: Lets you mix and match DC source power levels and measurement performance levels to optimize your investment
  • Connect via GPIB, LAN, or USB
  • Fully compliant to LXI Class C specification
  • Electronic load module for power supply testing

Due to increasing time-to-market pressures, research and development engineers often find themselves on tight schedules to work through device under test (DUT) testing. Along with being driven faster, the R&D engineers can face a high regret factor should their haste result in damaging scarce, complex’ or expensive DUTs during product development. This is a particular concern when tests involve applying DC power or electronic load to a DUT. Furthermore, test complexity increases when testing devices that require multiple input voltages, such as printed circuit boards. Today, when performing DC power-related tests, R&D engineers must gather and configure multiple instruments to complete DC sourcing or loading and measurement tasks. When executing these complex tasks, which can involve simultaneously connecting to and physically interacting with multiple test instruments, the risk of error increases. In response, R&D engineers may choose to automate tests that are too complex to do manually. Unfortunately, while automating tasks reduces human error, writing and debugging programs adds more work to already overloaded R&D engineers. The Keysight Technologies, Inc. N6705 DC Power Analyzer represents an entirely new instrument category for R&D engineers. It provides unrivaled productivity gains when sourcing or loading and measuring DC voltage and current into a DUT. Using the Keysight N6705 DC Power Analyzer, R&D engineers can gain insights into the DUT’s power consumption in minutes without writing a single line of code. It provides an easy-to-use interface, with all sourcing or loading and measuring functions available from the front panel

New Instrument Category for R&D Engineers to Increase Productivity

The Keysight N6705 DC power analyzer saves time

  • Provides unrivaled productivity gains for sourcing or loading and measuring DC voltage and current into your DUT by integrating up to four advanced power supplies with DMM, scope, arbitrary waveform, and data logger features
  • Eliminates the need to gather multiple pieces of equipment, create complex test setups including transducers (such as current probes and shunts) to measure current into your DUT
  • Eliminates the need to develop and debug programs to control a collection of instruments and take useful measurements because all the functions and measurements are available at the front panel

The Keysight N6705 DC power analyzer makes these tasks easy, right from the front panel

  • Setup and view critical turn-on/turn-off sequences
  • Measure and display voltage, current versus time to visualize power into the DUT
  • Control DC bias supply or electronic load ramp-up/down rates
  • Generate DC bias supply or loading transients and disturbances (arbs)
  • Log data for seconds, minutes, hours, or even days to see current/power consumption or capture anomalies
  • Save data and screen shots to internal storage or external USB memory devices
  • Save and name your setup and tests for easy re-use
  • Share setups with colleagues

Oscilloscope: Scope View

Each DC power or load module in the Keysight N6705 DC power analyzer has a fully integrated digitizer to capture the actual voltage-versus-time and current-versus-time being sourced from the DC output into the DUT. The digitized data appears on the large color display just like an oscilloscope. Because this oscilloscope function is built in, it is possible to make current measurements without current sense resistors, current shunts, or current probes. This greatly reduces measurement setup complexity and provides for accurate and fully specified, calibrated measurements. The accuracy of the measurements in oscilloscope mode is based on the type of power module installed (load, basic, high-performance autoranging, precision, and SMU). You can find this information in the Keysight N6700 Modular Power System Family Specifications Guide under “Oscilloscope Measurement Accuracy.” * The N6790A, N6760 and N6780 SMU series of power modules offer simultaneous digitizing of output voltage and output current, such that you can view a voltage trace and a current trace at the same time on the oscilloscope display. For all other module types, you can select to view either a voltage trace or a current trace on the oscilloscope display.


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