IxLoad Wireless

Ixload Wireless

End-to-end performance testing for wireless networks and components

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  • Only single-vendor solution that delivers “lab to live” LTE coverage
  • Generates millions of subscriber sessions to simulate high-scale conditions where failures occur
  • Offers end-to-end testing of converged application delivery infrastructure and services
  • Validates Wi-Fi offload networks including trusted and untrusted Wi-Fi gateways
  • Advanced subscriber modeling capabilities simulate signal fading, over-crowded cells, and high-speed handovers
  • Comprehensive protocol support (SIP, RTP, AMR-WB, H.264) for validating VoLTE IR.92 & IR.94 standards, as well as Voice over Wi-Fi
  • IxLoad-VE validates the impact of virtualizing mobile and IMS network components with the same workflow and functionality as IxLoad Wireless

End-to-End Performance Testing for Wireless Networks and Components With Emulation of Multiplay Services

Problem: Greater Network Complexity Presents Greater Challenges

Mobile operators are deploying cutting-edge networks and services such as Voice over LTE and LTE radio access networks to stay competitive. But while these technologies promise to maximize revenue potential, they also place unprecedented pressure on service providers.

Traffic spikes, diversified LTE infrastructures, policy control, and customer demands for high quality are among several formidable challenges presented by today’s complex networking environments.

IxLoad wireless diagram

Solution: Reaping Value From Wireless Network and Components

IxLoad Wireless enables mobile operators and equipment manufacturers to test and validate complex wireless networks and components for greater end-to-end service quality. This “lab to live” LTE testing solution recreates networking environments and real-world subscriber traffic, such as voice, video, and data.

At the same time, it emulates multiple mobile subscriber activities — including handovers, TAU, and idle-connected transitions — for comprehensive test coverage. Whether modeling the behavior of thousands of subscribers or measuring end-user experience, IxLoad enables mobile operators to fast-track new networks and services with confidence.

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