Increased Productivity on a Budget with Keysight RF Spectrum Analyzers

Whether you are fine-tuning a new design, balancing throughput and accuracy on the manufacturing floor, providing maintenance service, or verifying field equipment, you need the right RF spectrum analyzer for the job.

Our low-cost RF spectrum analyzers deliver general-purpose functionality and RF spectrum analysis with measurement frequencies from 9 kHz to 7 GHz or 1 MHz to 20 GHz. Get the RF spectrum analyzer accuracy you expect with a variety of options provided to you by Keysight.

  • Increase RF spectrum analyzer productivity on a budget with reliable performance up to 20 GHz
  • Get higher test efficiency with optimized RF spectrum analyzer measurement speed and value-added features
  • Reduce the learning curve and enhance RF spectrum analyzer testing productivity with improved usability features
  • Meet a wider range of RF spectrum analyzer test needs with multiple general-purpose functionalities covering RF spectrum analysis, signal monitoring, and transmission/reflection measurements
Fast pass/fail testing with RF spectrum analyzers

Fast Pass/Fail Testing with RF Spectrum Analyzers

Quickly find out if your RF spectrum analyzer measurement results meet the frequency and power criteria of your test plans with N9320B and N9322C RF spectrum analyzers.

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Frequently asked questions - RF spectrum analysis

A RF spectrum analyzer offers general-purpose functionality including spectrum analysis, signal monitoring, and transmission/reflection measurements, making them versatile for a wide range of RF testing needs. It is essential tool for 5G device and network equipment wireless unites design, validation, and acceptance.

For 5G applications and other mobile communication developments, engineers need to choose spectrum analyzers to cover frequencies from 9 kHz to 7 GHz or 1 MHz to 20 GHz, catering to a broad spectrum of RF testing requirements.

Good quality RF spectrum analyzers deliver reliable performance up to 20 GHz, optimizing measurement speed and incorporating value-added features to increase test efficiency without compromising on accuracy. They can help 5G design engineers to run signal characterization, interference analysis, and compliance testing.

Keysight’s RF spectrum analyzers enable quick determination if measurement results meet frequency and power criteria, streamlining the testing process. They allow engineers to conduct fast and fail testing. Improved usability features reduce the learning curve, allowing for more intuitive operation and thereby enhancing testing productivity.

Accessories like filters, attenuators, cables, and software for remote instrument management expand the capabilities of the analyzers, improving productivity and efficiency. Software with advanced analyzing, logging and reporting features will also help engineers to gain additional insights and save development time.

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