• Compute vector corrected EVM and ACPR measurements for any user specified gamma while achieving the wide dynamic range and lower residual EVM of the PNA-X modulation distortion application.
  • User specified gamma profile, including the ability to import an S1P file, sets how each gamma presented to the amplifier changes across the modulation bandwidth.
  • Gamma control at all frequencies in the modulation bandwidth is accomplished using the M9484C dual channel vector signal generator.
  • Active load control is differentiated from passive load pull where gamma is controlled only at the center frequency and uncontrolled at other frequencies in the modulation bandwidth.

The software enables power amplifier distortion measurements under varying load conditions that are controlled across the entire modulation bandwidth. When design verification and robustness evaluation require testing the device away from the optimum loading condition, this application provides powerful insight into device performance and degradation.

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Get a 30-day trial license for S94572B. The S94572B Arbitrary Load control trial creates a software application on your PNA series that is enabled with a license file on the PNA-X running the modulation distortion application.


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