The State of Cloud Monitoring


Survey Reveals Visibility Is Key to Cloud Security

and Performance





Ixia, a Keysight business, commissioned Dimensional Research to conduct a survey measuring the use of private and public clouds and the challenges associated with cloud operations. The results reveal that companies have very low visibility into their public cloud environments, and the tools and data supplied by cloud providers are insufficient. Lack of visibility has numerous ramifications, from the inability to track network performance to lengthening the time it takes to identify and resolve security threats.



Executive Summary


Eight out of 10 companies increased cloud-based workloads in 2018. The top priority for these cloud users is to increase cloud visibility for greater operational control. Woefully, less than 20% of participants say they have the data they need to monitor public cloud environments accurately. A majority (87%) are concerned this lack of visibility is masking security threats. Nearly half said their lack of visibility has led to application performance issues.


Nearly 70% of participants stated that public cloud monitoring is more difficult than monitoring data centers and private clouds. Nearly all of those surveyed (99%) identified a direct link between visibility and business value. The results confirm that comprehensive cloud visibility is key to maintaining cloud security and performance.


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