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Rechargeable batteries appear in all types of products from analytical electronic equipment to power tools and toys. Battery testing requirements for different battery types are basically the same. In general, the testing of a battery involves discharging it over a period of time to determine several specifications. This paper will concentrate on rechargeable or secondary battery testing and outlines 7 standard test procedures used in today’s demanding applications to verify certain electrical characteristics of secondary batteries.

Keysight Technologies, Inc. Electronic Loads are ideally suited for battery test applications. Their many features make the test system easy to configure and provide safe, reliable, and repeatable operation. 6060A electronic load can reliably draw up to 27 amperes, allowing the discharge of an 80 Ah battery to an end of discharge voltage (EODV) of 0.9 volts at a discharge rate of C/3.

Learn more about using an electronic load to discharge batteries of various chemistries and how to test battery cells down to an EODV of 0.9 volts with electronic loads.