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Expedite in-house network security testing with proven methodologies

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  • Gain security confidence by running in realistic attack conditions against your equipment
  • Understand how your equipment will perform and react prior to deployment
  • Save cost during test cycle by using the most impactful test scenarios
  • Know how your equipment should perform before testing by a 3rd party lab

Test Like the Pros

When it is time to see how products compare to others in the market, equipment providers get evaluated by independent test labs for side-by side performance comparisons. Test labs turn to Keysight.

Keysight has teamed with NSS Labs, one of the industry’s leading independent test laboratories, to create sets of attack scenarios and traffic loading conditions capable of evaluating network equipment performance. Leveraging our BreakingPoint and PerfectStorm test capabilities, these test packs are available so equipment vendors and enterprises can practice against the same kinds of conditions their equipment will see during independent evaluations.

IT decision makers leverage the results from these independent reports when making their purchase decisions. With test packs, you can test your network security equipment against the most realistic conditions and scenarios available.

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