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For over 50 years, Keysight's automated test equipment (ATE) power supplies have changed how engineers validate their designs, understand issues, and ensure product quality. The compact design of Keysight's programmable ATE power supplies makes it easy to integrate them into any system. Keysight power supplies make it easy to update a test program with modern interfaces, LXI-core capability, and SCPI language. In addition, Keysight’s ATE power supplies will accelerate test times with rapid command processing and settling times.

Choose the right ATE Power Supply for Your System

  • Get the right performance and simple operation with the Keysight N5700 and N8700 series ATE power supplies. A compact design makes them easy to integrate.
  • Meet your test requirements easily with Keysight's N6700 Series modular supply. Our most popular ATE power supply, the N6700 Series, offers up to four outputs in a 1U high mainframe. A power or electronic load module drives each output; select a module to add or modify an output to fit your test plan.
  • Generate 1000 W or 2000 W per output with Keysight's N6900 and N7900 ATE power supplies. Our most advanced power supplies, these units offer an optional dissipater with full two-quadrant operation similar to a bipolar supply.

Optimize Power Source Integrity

Optimize Power Source Integrity

The increased operating speed of today's integrated circuits can lead to a highly dynamic power demand from the power supply. Changing demand poses a challenge during testing when you source power using programmable ATE power supplies. The high-speed current waveforms can lead to voltage drops at the integrated circuit. The voltage drops can reset the microprocessor or cause anomalies in your test results if the drops are severe enough. This application note offers several ways to achieve the lowest possible voltage drop by selecting optimal load leads and power supplies and using local bypassing.


Integrate and Configure Your ATE System Power Supply

As a test system engineer, you face a constant stream of new verification requirements that require changing your test plans. Meeting these challenges can be difficult, but there are tactics to ensure you get the most out of your system power supplies. You can learn these tactics in the Keysight eBook:

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Technology is constantly changing. So too are the requirements engineers face. Get more functionality out of your existing hardware today by complementing it with the right accessories to improve productivity and the right Keysight PathWave design and test automation software to accelerate your product development.

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