Dataflow time-domain simulation engine for baseband and RF system modeling. Includes libraries of building blocks for system design including Baseband, DSP, and signal modulation.


The W4501E PathWave Comms/DSP Simulation includes:

  • Time domain simulation engine for modulated signal analysis
  • Extensive library of RF and baseband components
  • Reference designs for numerous digital modulation techniques such as QAM and OFDM

The W4501E PathWave Comms/DSP Simulation gives designers a powerful time-domain simulation engine for analysis of modern communications and sensing systems using real-world modulation. Numerous communications and DSP models make creation of reference baseband architectures as simple as connecting blocks in a schematic. The analysis also includes reference digital modulation signals for traditional standards such as QPSK, QAM, and OFDM. RF impairments can also be modeled with an extensive array of transceiver components, and the multiple envelope support can calculate all wideband spurious signals associated with RF nonlinearity. Algorithm designers can bring their own IP to larger system designs through native support of MATLAB code, C++, and HDL.

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