Combining test and measurement expertise with data science and big data engineering, the PathWave Manufacturing Analytics platform provides actionable insights for every level in your organization in the smart factory of the future. Improve yield, lower retest and handling, and lower the cost of poor quality with big data advanced analytics that really works. Accelerate your Return on Investment and business outcomes with unique, innovative analytics.

  • View your factory performance in terms of Overall Operating Efficiency (OEE), yield, first pass yield, retest, volume, etc. with extensive drilldowns and filters.
  • Save the workspace and see your own personalized dashboard on demand, real-time from anywhere.
  • Use no-code specially curated diagnostic tools and visualizations for all levels of operators, technicians and engineers.
  • Root cause issues with just a few clicks, compare between multiple tests, systems, fixtures, parts, probes and more.
  • Predict potential quality issues in real-time manufacturing with optimized machine learning anomaly detection models.
  • Get only “high severity scored” alerts. Take action to prevent catastrophe and mitigate the risks of poor quality without alert fatigue!
  • Prescribe real-time adaptive test limits with optimized dynamic part averaging testing.
  • Leverage transformed data and insights for horizontal and vertical systems to optimize processes.

Improve Insights

Achieving top-line revenue with the finest board quality and the highest possible production throughput is the ultimate manufacturing goal. High retest rates can slow production and negatively impact time-to-market for EMS providers. See how PathWave Manufacturing Analytics, an Industry 4.0 data analytics solution, helped one global EMS company improve their time-to-market.

Key Features

Global 360º view of operation and asset management

Automated real-time monitoring and anomaly detection

Industry 4.0 ready

Event notification via email, SMS or mobile messaging

On-premise or cloud-based software environment

Extend the capabilities for your PathWave Manufacturing Analytics

Software Enterprise Agreement

Deploy a Keysight Software Enterprise Agreement to capture continuous value for your organization. Enterprise Agreements deliver flexible, cost-effective access to Keysight’s broad software portfolio through a re-mixable license pool.


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