The Avionics measurement application enables the Keysight high-performance signal analyzers to accurately assess the modulation quality, VOR and ILS, on RF or audio (baseband) signals used for air navigation and instrument landing.


  • Embedded in the N9030B PXA high-performance signal analyzer with multi-touch user interface
  • Provides accurate VHF Omni-directional Ranging (VOR) and Instrumental Landing System (ILS) and marker beacon
  • Makes modulation quality assessments on the RF and audio (baseband) avionic signals
  • Verifies avionic signal generators which are used to test the receivers found in aircraft
  • 0.025 VOR bearing accuracy 0.1% for AM modulation depth accuracy
  • As low as 0.0001% DDM error for ILS
  • KeysightCare software support subscription included

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