The mission-critical IoT is more than just critical applications in the healthcare, industrial, and power systems industries. It is evolving to encompass a new breed of applications that are required to work as anticipated, without fail, every time, in industries like wearables, smart city, smart home, and others.

The mission-critical IoT evolution is just getting started. Keysight is poised and ready to help you pave the way.

Mission-critical IoT solutions

Mission-Critical IoT Solutions

Meeting the requirements of the mission-critical IoT demands a world-class approach to design and test. This brochure provides a comprehensive look at the end-to-end solutions for designing, testing, and securing IoT devices, wireless communications, networks, and infrastructure. Our solutions span the entire stack (Layers 1-7), from edge devices to network performance and security, as well as the entire product lifecycle, from design creation to manufacturing and beyond.

Key Technologies Needed to Advance Mission-Critical IoT

As the IoT spreads, it will have a dramatic impact on mission-critical IoT devices and the applications they enable. Forget Industry 4.0 and think more in terms of Mission-Critical IoT 2.0.

Rather than just devices optimized for performance, ultra-high reliability and security, it will be an entire mission-critical ecosystem designed and hardened to withstand the rigors of the real world.

This white paper outlines the key challenges you face in making that vision a reality and details the technologies you need to realize success in the mission-critical IoT.

Key technologies needed to advance mission-critical IoT
NB-IoT success hinges on overcoming 3 challenges

NB-IoT Success Hinges on Overcoming 3 Challenges

Opportunities abound in the industrial IoT (IIoT). There is just one problem. Most wireless technologies available today are ill-equipped to meet the requirements of the rapidly growing IIoT without some sort of tradeoff.

Narrowband-IoT (NB-IoT) is a newer LPWAN technology optimized for IIoT applications; however, it is not without its own issues.

This white paper details three specific challenges you will need to overcome and the approaches you can use to realize success in NB-IoT.

Learn from the leaders

Learn how these companies overcame their challenges using Keysight solutions and realized success in the mission-critical IoT. From design and simulation of an IoT device or module, to verifying network coverage and quality, our solutions are ready to help you conquer the complexity of the mission-critical IoT.

Overcome IoT challenges

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