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When you build a home, you use multiple different types of tools. Some tools are used for roughing, while other tools are used for precision work, such as installing molding. Even more precise tools are required for finer cabinetry work. Depending on the tools and skillset you have, you may decide to upgrade your workshop or subcontract the finer work.

Similarly, designing for today’s high-performance DDR5 requires measurement tools that can address smaller eye size and faster rise and fall times. Selecting the proper tool allows you to more accurately design, test, and validate your build. DDR5 design margin requirements are becoming increasingly tight, requiring new measurement test methods. It would help to have tools with higher vertical accuracy and timing performance.

Figure 1. Simulated with Memory Designer, jitter injected at transmitter, and eye measured at the DRAM solder-ball receiver input


Bit error rate testers (BERTs), oscilloscopes, probes, and associated compliance software alleviate some of the challenges when working on the physical layer. For a more in-depth analysis of the OSI layers, logic analyzers can help you test and debug your designs for functional and protocol compliance.


Keysight offers a the complete suite of tools to test, validate, characterize, and optimize your DDR5 / LPDDR5 implementation.

The Keysight M8040A BERT, UXR-Series oscilloscopes, and U4164A logic analyzer offer a best-in-class solution for DDR5 designs. From physical-layer testing, characterization, and device compliance to software trace, functional, and protocol compliance, Keysight has you covered.

Here are the recommended lab tools for DDR5 / LPDDR5 design:

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