The UXR0702BP is the 70 GHz, two-channel, 1 mm input Infiniium UXR-Series real-time oscilloscope.

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  • 70 GHz bandwidth and upgradable to 110 GHz of real-time oscilloscope bandwidth
  • 2 channels and upgradable to 4 channels
  • 500 Mpts of memory per channel included and upgradable to 2 Gpts of memory per channel
  • 256 GSa/s sample rate on all channels
  • 160 MHz DDC included and upgradable to 2.16 GHz DDC
  • 160 MHz RTSA included and upgradable to 320 MHz RTSA
  • Optional configurable mmWave extension bandwidth window up to 30 GHz and measure up to 110GHz
  • High-definition 10-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC)
  • The industry’s lowest noise and jitter measurement floor
  • The industry’s highest ENOB at all supported bandwidth
  • Optional calibration module N2125A for on-site self-calibration
  • High-speed SDA and Clock Recovery included
  • User-defined functions included
  • InfiniiSim Basic included to simply compensate for the channel loss with one block model
  • PrecisionProbe/PrecisionCable included helping quickly characterize the probe or cable loss

What’s included

  • Removable 960 GB enterprise grade SSD 2.5” hard drive
  • One Torque-Wrench 8 lb-in, 5/16 inch
  • One Torque-Wrench, 4-in-lb 6mm-open end Gold-Handle
  • One Torque-Wrench, Special Double-end 14mm-open end 4 and 10-in-lb
  • One per channel adapter, 1 mm Female Ruggedized to 1 mm Female
  • One per channel adapter, 1 mm Female Ruggedized to 1.85 mm Female
  • One adapter, 1 mm Female Ruggedized to 2.92 mm Female connector
  • One connector saver, 3.5 mm Female-to-Female
  • One Wrench for fixed position, 2mm thick, dual-ended, fits 6mm and 7mm
  • One Wrench for fixed position, 2mm thick, dual-ended, fits 8mm both ends
  • One Wrench for fixed position, fits 12 mm
  • Country-specific power cord
  • Front cover
  • USB keyboard
  • USB optical mouse
  • ESD mat with wrist and heel straps
  • Calibration Certificate

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