Go Hack Yourself-Achieving SecOps Success with Breach and Attack Simulation

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Why Are Enterprises Still Getting Breached — and How Are SecOps Tools Helping?

Despite advancements in security, data and security breaches are occurring at an ever-increasing rate and severity. Yet, despite the sophisticated range of exploits attackers can employ, they often opt for the path of least resistance. In fact, according to Ponemon, nearly half of all breaches stem from human error, system glitches, and misconfigurations.1

Most enterprises rely on security operations (SecOps) teams to defend against these kinds of threats. One of their fundamental goals is to use security tools to protect network resources. Tools strengthen SecOps through the faithful execution of critical security tasks so that network and security engineers can address inevitable problems faster, use their time more effectively, and better understand their overall risk model. Moreover, hybrid production networks are increasingly becoming an enterprise standard. That means enterprises need to deploy security tools in both physical and virtual locations (such as major cloud providers) so that network and security operations center (NoC / SoC) engineers can effectively secure them.


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