Measurement Applications for the E6640A EXM Wireless Test Set


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Measurement Applications

For the E6640A EXM Wireless Test Set

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EXM Overview

The Keysight Technologies, Inc. EXM wireless test set provides ultimate scalability and port density to help device manufacturers keep pace with production capacity needs and preserve their investment in the future. The test set enables full parallel testing of multiple, multi-format devices simultaneously within a compact design. With the flexibility to start with one TRX and add up to three additional TRXs, or upgrade the TRXs’ frequency coverage or analysis bandwidth, you can cost-effectively meet today’s production requirements and enjoy up to 16 connections without any external switching.

In addition to its flexible architecture, chipset support and test techniques and methodology play a key role in giving you the freedom to optimize manufacturing test performance and support new cellular and wireless communication technologies as needed.

Accelerate Time to Volume Manufacturing

Manufacturing test integration

Keysight’s Manufacturing Test Integration program, an ongoing collaboration with chipset vendors, provides you with chipset vendor-approved tools to test your wireless devices now and in the future. To make your production line run as fast as possible, EXM supports the latest generation of fast-sequenced calibration and verification techniques. In addition, wireless chipset vendors can benefit by working with Keysight’s industry-proven measurement experts to achieve the highest test speed possible for specific chipsets as they are brought to market.

Test automation platform

If you are doing your own chipset software development, Keysight has created a reference solution called the Keysight Test Automation Platform (TAP). This tool supplies you with the framework for optimizing calibration and verification procedures of the leading wireless chipsets. TAP software also serves as a development guide or blueprint for instrument and chipset automation, and explains how to integrate automation instructions together for test steps. In addition to serving as a test development guide for development of your own test executive or shop floor tools, the TAP tool can be run on the lab bench by new product introduction (NPI) engineers using a graphical user interface (GUI).

Whether using chipset vendors’ test tools or the Keysight TAP reference solution, you will save engineering test time and cost, allowing you to focus on your core business of device design, development, and manufacturing. Plus, if you are developing your own test tools, Keysight’s technical experts are available to provide instrument control expertise to speed up and optimize your test plan.

Accelerate Test Execution

Advanced sequencing

EXM is part of Keysight’s comprehensive Power of X Suite of test products, and comes standard with a source list and sequence analyzer. The powerful sequence analyzer function, which includes a set of full-featured analysis tools, synchronizes EXM’s source and signal analyzer, facilitates measurement of the device under test (DUT), and provides a host of other capabilities to increase speed and throughput in non-signaling manufacturing test.

WLAN manufacturing test has been predominantly non-signaling test for many years. The nature of non-signaling test eliminates the protocol-based interaction between the tester and DUT, which makes the manufacturing test much faster than signaling mode. Now chipset vendors are improving the non-signaling test modes to achieve even higher test throughput.

One important new test methodology is sequencer-based Tx measurement. With this methodology, the DUT transmits a pre-defined signal sequence that includes various power level, modulation, or even frequency changes, without the time penalty for adjusting the DUT for each of the changes individually.

EXM’s flexible sequencer uses this same technique to facilitate faster testing with current chipsets and their test modes, and allow for future advances in the chipset test modes.


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