E6640A EXM Wireless Test Set

Configuration Guides

The E6640A EXM wireless test set scales with your production needs and is in sync with the latest cellular and WLAN chipsets. Better yet, it delivers the speed, accuracy, and port density you need to ramp up rapidly and optimize full-volume manufacturing. It is optimized for multi-device testing with up to four transceivers: each is a complete vector signal analyzer (VSA) and vector signal generator (VSG). Multi-format devices are easily tested including 5G NR, LTE-Advanced, LTE FDD/TDD, HSPA+, W-CDMA, 1xEV-DO, cdma2000®, GSM/EDGE/Evo, TD-SCDMA, 802.11a/b/g/n/j/p/af/ah/ac/ax, Bluetooth®, GNSS, and Zigbee.

This configuration guide contains a step-by-step process to help you configure your E6640A EXM with hardware, software, accessories, and services to meet your specific test requirements, or to add upgrades to an existing EXM.

EXM base product

These items ship with each E6640A EXM wireless test:

  • 18-slot PXIe chassis
  • PXIe embedded controller with quad-core Intel i3, Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise operating system
  • PXIe frequency reference with 10 and 100 MHz
  • Test set measurement application, fixed perpetual license (V9060EM0E)
  • Sequence analyzer device applications, fixed perpetual license (V9065EM1E)
  • Three waveform 50-packs (E6640A-250, 251, and 252)
  • Country-specific power cord

Select Software

All software applications, software options, and waveform pack licenses apply to all TRXs configured in the EXM. Measurement applications that start with “V” are measurement-only applications and require waveform pack licenses for waveform playback. Applications that start with “Y” are combined measurement and waveform applications and include the same measurement capability as the corresponding “V” application, as well as unlimited waveform playback capability for the technology selected. “V” and “Y” applications can co-exist in the same EXM.

“V” and “Y” applications ordered with the EXM are pre-installed before shipment. Pre-installed applications use node-locked, perpetual licenses with a 12-month support period.

Software application license types and terms

Keysight offers additional license terms and types. If these are desired, order “V” and “Y” software applications separately from the EXM hardware. Licenses and redemption instructions are provided for installation on the EXM. Licenses other than perpetual, node locked with a 12-month support period cannot be pre-installed before shipment.

Select Upgrades

Options can be added after an initial purchase of an EXM to increase product capabilities including hardware, software, and accessories according to your specific test requirements.

Three types of upgrades are available:

  1. Upgrade an existing TRX from 4G to 5G NR.
  2. Add new TRX hardware to an existing EXM, up to a maximum of four TRX per EXM.
  3. Upgrade capabilities of an existing TRX (frequency range, bandwidth) using a license key. No additional hardware is required. 


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