IxVeriWave WaveBlade Wi-Fi Modules


Integrate traffic generation and performance analysis

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IxVeriWave WaveBlade Wi-Fi (WBW/WBA) and WaveBlade Ethernet (WBE) modules integrate traffic generation and performance analysis (TGA) with multi-path channel emulation capabilities on a single platform. WaveBlade line-cards are used within Keysight’s WT92 and WT20 chassis to perform Wi-Fi testing ranging from functional testing at the access points (APs) level and device level, interoperability analysis, to scalability testing in large deployed 802.11 network infrastructures.

Each WaveBlade test port generates traffic from up to 500 fully independent stateful clients. The WaveBlade Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac series provides industry-leading functional and performance testing of IEEE 802.11-based wireless LAN (WLAN) networking products. WaveBlade Wi-Fi modules measure the effects of complex MIMO propagation on 802.11 APs and controllers by subjecting each individual client to IEEE-defined channel emulation models.

WaveBlade Ethernet server modules provide a complete Layer 2–7 solution for evaluating the functionality and performance of Ethernet-based networking products. Designed for testing network infrastructure devices such as APs, broadband home gateways, controllers, switches, and routers, each WaveBlade Wi-Fi port generates fully interleaved, multi-protocol IP traffic from hundreds of independent Ethernet clients or servers at wire-speed.

WBW/WBA and WBE modules interwork seamlessly to simulate complex wired and wireless networking environments and deliver complete functional and large-scale testing.

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