Essential Software for Benchtop Signal Analyzers.


  • Essential software with new features and functions like SCPI command and Pre-Load function is included on Keysight benchtop X-Series analyzers (UXA/PXA/MXA/EXA/CXA), PXE/MXE analyzers, NFA-B Noise Figure analyzers, and PXI VXT Transceivers as free of charge for XA2024 (XA36) or above firmware release. (Those features and functions need the N9060ES1E license with valid date version for firmware from XA33 to XA35).
  • Users can download and upgrade their Keysight benchtop X-Series signal analyzer with the latest firmware free of charge to get all the new features updates and enhancements in essential software including but not limited to sweep SA, IQ analyzer, SCPI recorder, Pre-load/Unload function etc.
  • SCPI recorder is a new feature as part of the Essential SW release which provides a solution to show the SCPI command for programming and you can also record a series of commands in the SCPI Recorder, which can be viewed and edited directly, or you can also play, save/recall those SCPI commands for future usage.
  • Pre-load function can let you more flexibly and quickly configure the X-Series measurement "pre-loaded" applications to speed the start-up time. In addition, you can easily "Unload" an already loaded measurement application to save system memory and run other measurement applications without exiting the measurement application.
  • Bug fixes are free to Keysight signal analyzer users. Users can always download and install the latest X-apps software through the firmware update center on their instruments, regardless of the essential software version they have.
  • New features in specific X-app mode like 5G NR, WLAN or VMA etc. will only depend on the 5G NR, WLAN, or VMA X-app version date, not dependent on the essential software version date.
  • Essential Software is included as part of the firmware on the following platforms:
    • N9042B/N9041B/N9040B UXA
    • N9032B/N9030B PXA
    • N9021B/N9020B MXA
    • N9010B EXA
    • N9000B CXA
    • N9048B PXE
    • N9038B MXE
    • N8973B/4/5/6B NFA-B
    • M9421A/M9410A/M9411A/M9415A/M9416A PXI VXT

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