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Transducer Systems


Leading the Future for Extreme Accuracy Positioning Applications

Keysight Laser Interferometry Systems

- Highest accuracy

- Flexible standard system design

- Custom design available

When nanometer accuracy matters – you can rely on Keysight.

Keysight Technologies, Inc. is a world leader in the design and manufacture of laser interferometry systems, advanced electronic measurement systems, high-precision optical components, complex monolithic optics (CMOs), and opto-electric systems design for the most demanding metrology applications.

With more than 11,000 systems delivered, Keysight’s modular interferometry solutions have set the standard for precision measurement for the most challenging applications in semiconductor lithography, aerospace/defense, metrology, and manufacturing. And, we continue to develop systems that will enable the future in each of these markets.

Our systems offer:

- High-precision in a wide dynamic range

- Simultaneously measure a position with multiple degrees of freedom

- The highest accuracy available in both air and vacuum

We deliver a selection of modular lasers, optics, electronics, and accessories that are designed to work together and give customers the flexibility they need in a precision laser measurement system for a variety of applications.

A wide-range of standard systems and components is available and can be configured to meet your specific needs. In addition, our team of expert engineers will work with you to design custom system solutions.

A state-of-the-art optics design and fabrication facility in Santa Clara, CA allows our engineering and production teams to work together and tightly manage the design and production processes resulting in the high quality and dependability that our customers rely on.

Deterministic manufacturing processes allow Keysight to maintain quality control that responds to the toughest optical challenges and deliver high-precision designs with cost-effective solutions for both standard applications and high-volume custom requirements.

Transducer Systems

Keysight laser measurement systems are both accurate and highly configurable. Multiple choices for each of the key system components are available enabling the creation of custom systems using standard products;

- Laser source

- Beam directing optics

- Measurement optics

- Optical receiver

- Axis electronics

Additional products are available for accurately measuring the air environment and creating a compensation factor to correct the measurement values due to variation in the air pressure, temperature, and humidity.

Most products can be mixed and matched as needed for the specific application, desired interface, and required performance level.

USB electronics

The E1735A is a single axis solution for simple measurement-only applications.

VME compatible electronics

Keysight has offers three axis boards for VMEbus systems. All have the same flexible hardware interface along with similar software interfaces, enabling mixing boards as required within multi-axis systems.

- The 10897D provides a solution for single axis systems as well as multi-axis systems requiring continuous (versus sampled) feedback from all axes.

- The 10898A is a dual axis board with increased velocity range.

- The N1225A has four times the resolution of other solutions and handles three to four axes.

Keysight also offers an interface and control system enabling a set of VMEbus axis boards to send compensated data to a Delta Tau PMAC/UMAC motion control system. The N1226A, N1227A and N1228A/B products are used to make up this system.

PC-based PCI electronics

Two solutions are available for PC-based PCI bus systems. The three-axis 1231A contains a plug compatible interface to the PMAC/UMAC series of motion controllers from Delta Tau. The three-axis N1231B offers two times the resolution of the N1231A and contains a flexible hardware interface similar to that of Keysight’s VMEbus boards.


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