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S8706A Protocol Carrier Acceptance Toolset

Technical Overviews


5G is disrupting the entire wireless communications industry. Greater complexity and various technical aspects are transforming the mobile ecosystem. Traditionally, the Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) perform device acceptance testing to ensure that the new mobile devices will not impact their infrastructure and create issues with customers. If a device causes dropped calls or crashes the network, consumers typically blame the operator. Network operators must stress test devices to ensure that they live up to customer expectations.

The S8706A Protocol Carrier Acceptance Toolset is part of Keysight’s 5G Network Emulation Solution portfolio that addresses the entire device development workflow – from early design, to acceptance and manufacturing. The S8706A Protocol Carrier Acceptance Toolset supports the largest number of tests for Tier-1 operator device acceptance programs. It provides an efficient platform for mobile device evaluation based on the test requirements of major mobile operators, who validate the test supported by the S8706A Protocol Carrier Acceptance Toolset solution as part of their device acceptance programs. The S8706A Protocol Carrier Acceptance Toolset will be used by mobile network operators to verify that devices comply with their device test requirements.

What is S8706A Protocol Carrier Acceptance Toolset?

S8706A Protocol Carrier Acceptance Toolset provides comprehensive access to protocol carrier acceptance test plans mandated by the world’s major 5G mobile operators. The toolset flexibly addresses a wide range of test scenarios in sub-6 GHz (FR1) and mmWave (FR2) frequencies, for both non[1]standalone (NSA) and standalone (SA) mode.

Signaling testing:

• Supplemental protocol test cases

• Error scenarios and negative testing

• Inter-RAT testing

Performance testing:

• Data throughput

• Power consumption

• Quality testing (voice/video)

Application testing:

• Voice/video and IMS test cases

• WiFi integration

In this document we will describe the graphical user interface and functionality provided by S8706A Protocol Carrier Acceptance Toolset in more detail. We will also describe the hardware platform on which S8706A Protocol Carrier Acceptance Toolset is run.

Who benefits from using S8706A Protocol Carrier Acceptance Toolset?

• MNOs to verify that devices comply with their device test requirements

• Device manufacturers to ensure their devices are accepted by the major mobile network operators before launch to the market

• Chipset manufacturers to ensure that their chipsets perform according to the major mobile network operators’ specifications

• Test houses and test labs that run tests to independently verify that devices are compliant with the MNO requirements.

S8706A Protocol Carrier Acceptance Toolset

The S8706A Protocol Carrier Acceptance Toolset is used in the device acceptance phase of the device development lifecycle to validate devices against operator-defined tests. It provides an easy-to-use environment to run and debug carrier acceptance test cases against mobile devices.

Test Case Batches

Keysight supplies test cases in batches which may be run using the S8706A Protocol Carrier Acceptance Toolset solution. Each test case batch requires a specific license to enable execution of the test cases in that batch. The test cases are implemented by Keysight based on the requirements defined by individual MNOs, and are then validated by Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) from the operator against reference devices. Once validated, the test cases can be used to verify mobile devices for use with that operator.

Keysight supports the largest number of 5G device acceptance tests for a range of tier-1 MNOs worldwide, with more test cases and MNO test plans constantly being added. A number of these test plans are confidential in nature, so please contact Keysight for the latest information about the coverage offered.

Protocol Carrier Acceptance Toolset Workspace

The Protocol Carrier Acceptance Toolset is used for viewing and running individual scripts from any of Keysight´s suite of licensed protocol carrier acceptance test case batches.

To run a single script the user must first load the script and then click play on the toolbar.

Protocol Test Manager and Automation for running large campaigns of tests

Protocol Test Manager offers a user-friendly environment to create, manage and execute test campaigns. A test campaign is a range of tests selected by the user to run in a specific sequence. You can save and rerun these campaigns to test the same device with different firmware or test a different device altogether.

Test campaigns may either be run manually, with the user performing actions (e.g. powering on/off the device) when prompted by the test cases, or they may be automated using Keysight’s Terminal Automation Gateway or a customized automation tool, allowing unattended test campaign execution.

You can easily review results with verdicts and launch test execution log files from Protocol Test Manager. Additionally, you can create test reports in Excel or HTML formats.


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