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New Rules to Measure Network Behavior


The world today runs on top of computer networks. They are an enormous advantage of modern economy, but also present ever increasing challenges of reliability, security, performance, and operational overhead. Under this pressure, the best network operators have adopted a concept of Infrastructure as a Code (IaaC) and are running their networks as interconnected sets programmable elements. With this paradigm shift, continuous validation of control functions and resulting network behavior becomes an absolute requirement. 


Traditional closed test systems lack interoperability and flexibility of deployment options, making it difficult to apply them to IaaC. This slows innovation and limits adaptability to the growing demands of highly distributed modern applications. We need a new language to establish rules of network behavior and tools to measure it. This language has to be open, vendor neutral and developer friendly. The tools have to integrate with modern Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) workflows and support a range of runners from developer laptops to software jobs in the public and private clouds, from hardware QA and certification labs to data center and edge locations for network service activation.


To meet these challenges, Keysight has founded a vendor neutral Open Traffic Generator (OTG) API project ( and is redefining network infrastructure testing with Keysight Elastic Network Generator. The OTG API transforms network infrastructure testing to address the demand for an automation-friendly, open and intent-based approach and already enabled cross-industry co-design of test suites in open networking projects such as OpenConfig, SAI, SONiC, SONiC-DASH, and DENT.


Keysight Elastic Network Generator (KENG)


is an agile, lightweight, and composable network test platform designed for continuous integration. It supports vendor neutral Open Traffic Generator models and APIs, integrates with several network emulation platforms, and drives a range of Keysight’s network infrastructure test software products and hardware load modules and appliances.


Write Once, Run Anywhere


Keysight Elastic Network Generator provides an abstraction over various test port implementations –  Ixia-c software, UHD400T white-box and purpose-built IxOS hardware. A test package written in Open Traffic Generator API can be run using any of supported test port types without modifications.


Ability to easily change a type of test port removes contention for access to more expensive hardware ports while developing test packages. It also allows running the CI pipeline with software image of a Device Under Test (DUT) for faster pass-or-fail iterations before installing a new firmware on a hardware and running full regression.




• Implements Open Traffic Generator (OTG) API to incorporate test cases from the field into the design and development cycles to avoid costly, repetitive issues.

• Introduces Compliance-as-a-Code workflow, ensuring seamless equipment qualification and interoperability.

• Emulates key layer 2-3 control plane protocols and generate a rich stack of data plane traffic.

• Abstracts software, white-box, and hardware test port options.

• Reduces time-to-test with fast API response time and agile developer experience.

• Accelerates network validation by integrating with popular network emulation software.

• Deploys as a modular architecture based on containers and microservices.


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