• 6 GHz bandwidth
  • For differential and single-ended measurement
  • For use with InfiniiMax I/II probe amp
  • Includes 20 replaceable probe tips with built-in damping resistors
  • Ergonomic handle included
  • For general purpose hand-browsing and troubleshooting signals

The E2675B InfiniiMax differential browser probe head is the best choice for general-purpose troubleshooting of differential or single-ended signals with z-axis compliance and variable spacing from 0.25 – 5.80 mm (10 – 230 mils). The browser kit includes 20 replaceable tips and ergonomic handle. Order E2658B for extra 20 replacement tips plus the handle.

For use with the InfiniiMax 1130A/31A/32A/34A/68A/69A probe amps, and is compatible with Infiniium and InfiniiVision oscilloscopes.

The E2675B is a replacement of E2675A that was discontinued in June 2015. The E2675B is 100% form, fit, function, and price equivalent to the E2675A.

E2675B InfiniiMax Differential Browser

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