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Keysight vTaps and Vision ONE Addresses Changing Government Infrastructure

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Keysight vTaps and Vision ONE are part of Keysight’s integrated virtualized visibility platform, which maximizes monitoring effectiveness by ensuring proper access to the data the customer needs, when and where it needs it. Keysight vTaps are virtual taps that provide 100% visibility of east-west traffic between virtual machines in a VMware stack. They support multiple tapping and tunneling options for data distribution across remote sites and virtualized data centers. They are non-proprietary and tool agnostic, easy and quick to deploy, and support vMotion for persistent access to virtual workloads. Keysight Vision ONE is a network packet broker that enables packet and application data manipulation, NetFlow generation with advanced application identification and geographic location, SSL decryption, load balancing, and many advanced packet processing capabilities. It provides unprecedented insight into network traffic in both physical and virtualized multi-tenant environments. Keysight vTaps and Vision ONE are designed for government agencies, service providers, and enterprises who need to improve network visibility, security, and performance in a systematic way. They are products from Keysight Technologies, a leading provider of solutions for network testing and visibility. To learn more about Keysight vTaps and Vision ONE, visit or contact your local Keysight office. The product model numbers are VTAP-VMWARE-100 for 100 virtual taps and NPB-ONE-40G for Vision ONE network packet broker.


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