Tolly Network Packet Broker Test Report

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Many organizations use Network Packet Brokers (NPBs) as a core element of their network visibility, placed between the network taps and the organization’s security and performance monitoring solutions. And while NPBs aggregate and filter data packets before feeding them to the security and monitoring tools to reduce total solution cost by improving tool efficiency, achieving 100 percent network visibility requires an NPB to process all data packets – without losing any. 

In this informative report, Tolly shows how Ixia’s Net Tool Optimizer (NTO) packet brokers processed 100% of packets at every speed, while running the most powerful features, delivering 100% visibility that our customers need to eliminate blind spots to achieve net higher performance.  According to the report, "By contrast, Gigamon demonstrated packet loss at every data size. At 256-bytes and below, the loss ranged from 20% to nearly 75%. With these loss levels, critical traffic needed for network analysis is almost guaranteed to be lost before reaching the network tool.”

What you’ll learn:

  • How you can obtain greater return on your IT investment by dramatically improving the effectiveness of your security and monitoring tools.
  • What role enhanced security can play by eliminating network blind spots that could be concealing an intrusion attempt, signs of abnormal bot traffic, or data exfiltration following a successful exploit;
  • An in-depth understanding of traffic volumes with complete data monitoring to help predict when systems may be about to fail enabling IT and security teams to gain control of their networks.

Don’t let the fear of blind spots stifle your ability to function at a higher level. Read the report now to learn more about how companies are using Ixia to do more stay protected.


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