5G Visibility Intelligence Tailored for the Mobile Carrier Evolved Packet Core

MobileStack from Keysight offers in-depth traffic insight for mobile core networks. It combines the analysis of the user and data planes within GTP and SIP traffic to extract and manage 5G SUPI data and network slicing, while also monitoring crucial subscriber metadata. With MobileStack deployed, you can improve control over your mobile network through more efficient monitoring and filtering of data.

5G Visibility Architecture simple

5G Network Visibility Architecture

Get in-depth traffic insight for mobile core networks with our high performance 5G solution:

  • Obtain 5G data access into the encrypted 5G core
  • Process 4G and 5G subscriber traffic and dramatically reduce costs of monitoring without sacrificing subscriber quality of experience
  • Improve big data/machine learning applications with subscriber aware metadata

Key Specifications

GTP Correlation / Load Balancing


Network Slicing


Subscriber Sampling


Control / User Plane Separation


5G Interface Support

N3, N4, N11

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Network Packet Brokers Supporting MobileStack

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MobileStack on Vision X for 5G Core Visibility

MobileStack on Vision X, the highest performance mobile core visibility platform in the market today, is optimized for 5G and provides the ability to correlate hundreds of millions of subscriber sessions, and almost 2000 gigs of user plane traffic per chassis. It is built from the ground up to support 5G filtering, CUPS, 5G slice awareness and subscriber-aware metadata.

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