IxNetwork VE

IxNetwork Virtual Edition (VE)

Layer 2/3 testing of virtual network infrastructure and devices

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  • Validates virtual networks functions (VNF) with functional testing and performance benchmarking
  • Provides comprehensive control plane protocol coverage across a large set of Layer 2/3 (L2/3) networking technologies
  • Generates more than 100 Gbps of L2/3 data plane traffic per virtual port via DPDK performance acceleration
  • Enables easy transition between hardware and virtual editions through common configurations and scripts
  • Supports major private cloud platforms like ESXi / KVM hypervisors and vCenter / OpenStack orchestration
  • Supports running in public clouds with Amazon Web Services Marketplace availability
  • Includes virtual machines with virtual chassis / virtual load module / virtual test appliance roles
  • Includes full test automation capabilities with REST,  TCL, Perl, Python, and Ruby API support

Testing for Success in a Virtual World

Problem: Virtualization Complexities

Trends such as cloud computing and network functions virtualization (NFV) present new challenges for service providers, constantly changing the way you make use of precious data center and network resources. Cloud computing requires thorough testing to ensure the highest levels of functionality, performance, security, and reliability across applications and devices. And the successful deployment and integration of NFV in a network takes thorough testing and end-to-end network validation.

Solution: Wide-Scale Network Testing

IxNetwork VE makes it easy to perform wide-scale functional testing of Layer 2 and 3 devices. Using scaled protocol emulation, IxNetwork VE tests network infrastructure, capacity, scalability, and convergence to ensure peak performance of data center and cloud computing environments. You can perform wide-scale testing thanks to IxNetwork VE’s flexible deployment of a traffic generator and protocol emulation, enabling you to achieve seamless infrastructure performance across virtual networks.

The ability to benchmark performance of virtualized servers by simulating data center traffic between virtual machines is unique to IxNetwork VE. By enabling the deployment of virtual test ports inside virtualized network devices, IxNetwork VE supports end-to-end testing of NFV implementations, allowing for more efficient use of network resources.

IxNetwork VE
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