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Keysight nanoVTEP is the smallest vectorless test probe in the industry

As devices got smaller, the amplifier used in VTEP testing become too big to use. Keysight NanoVTEP Vectorless Test Solutions offer more robust analysis with a smaller footprint. Keysight devised a way to test the smaller, less powerful signals emitted by these devices.

  • Miniaturized amplifier allows you to perform vectorless test on electronic devices as small as 4 mm by 4 mm, a 60% reduction in footprint compared to a VTEP probe
  • Slim profile allows you to implement vectorless testing in high density fixtures, thereby increasing coverage and fault detection rate in the test process
  • Increased both test coverage and fault detection with miniaturized test probe that overcome placement challenges in high density fixtures
VTEP Vectorless Test Solution has discontinued on 30th Dec 2020. And Keysight is committed to assist the customer in the transition process to serve your business needs in the future.

Meet the All-New NanoVTEP Gen 2

Assembling the barrel and receptacle of the nanoVTEP has never been easier with the new nanoVTEP Gen 2. It has a redesigned barrel, receptacle, and spring clip that enhance your assembling experience.

  • New Receptacle - Longer lasting, less maintenance, and new locking mechanism with tactile feedback.
  • New Barrel - Improve the locking mechanism to the receptacle
  • New Spring Clip - Improve the gripping force.

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