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N1000A DCA-X and N1002A Optimization Controller

Data Sheets

N1000A DCA-X and N1002A Optimization Controller

Wide Bandwidth Oscilloscope Mainframe, Modules, and N1002A Optimization Controller


N1000A DCA-X

The N1000A DCA-X performs precision measurements on high speed digital designs from 50 MBd to more than 80 GBd on up to 16 channels simultaneously. Applications include optical transceiver design and production test, electrical ASIC/FPGA/IC design and characterization, serial bus characterization, and measurements and trouble-shooting via TDR/TDT and S-parameter measurements of channels, cables and PCBs. The N1000A user interface and operating system is identical to the FlexDCA interface of the DCA-M modules (over a simple USB 2.0 or 3.0 connection) and N1010A FlexDCA on a PC.

N1002A DCA-M Optimization Controller

The N1002A DCA-M Optimization Controller is a rack-mountable PC controller. Use the N1002A with FlexOTO and FlexDCA software to maximize measurement thoughtput and minimize setup time when testing 800G and 1.6T modules and performing tests such as 25/53 GBd PAM4 OER, OOMA, and TDECQ. When using multiple DCA-M oscilloscopes and clock recovery modules, the N1002A solution maximizes hardware utilization by sharing the DCA-M oscilloscope between multiple DUT fixtures in the most efficient manner.

Digital Communication Analyzer Solutions

Keysight offers complete Digital Communication Analyzer solutions that can be combined with or used alongside the DCA-X, including clock recovery, stand-alone Digital Communication Analyzers (DCA-M) and software. For complete information on Keysight’s entire DCA family, please refer to these other helpful documents:

- Keysight DCA Wide Bandwidth Oscilloscope Family Brochure (5992-3301EN)

- Keysight DCA Family FlexDCA Sampling Oscilloscope Software Technical Overview (5992-3319EN)

- Keysight N1000A DCA Wide Bandwidth Oscilloscope Family Configuration Guide (5992-3372EN)

- Keysight DCA Family Clock Data Recovery Solutions Data Sheet (5991-1620EN)

- Keysight N1090A (5992-3655EN), N1092A/B/C/D/E (5992-3886EN), and N1094A/B (5992-3700EN) DCA-M Optical and Electrical Sampling Oscilloscope Data Sheets.

- Keysight FlexOTO Optical Test Optimization Software and Solutions Flyer (3123-1111EN)

N1000A DCA-X Specifications

General notes

NOTE: All specifications describe warranted performance over the temperature range +10°C to + 40°C (unless otherwise noted). The specifications are applicable after the temperature is stabilized, which occurs after 1 hour of continuous operation in final setup configuration and while self calibration is valid. Many performance parameters are enhanced through frequent, simple user calibrations.

NOTE: Specifications describe warranted performance. Characteristics provide useful, no warranted information about the functions and performance of the instrument. Characteristics are printed in green italics.

NOTE: Factory Calibration Cycle. For optimum performance, the instrument should have a complete verification of specifications once every 12 months. NOTE: Nominal Value indicates the expected, but not warranted, value of the parameter.


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