Ixia Fabric Controller (IFC) Cluster

Manage and configure a cluster of NPBs through a single pane of glass

Ixia Fabric Controller

Intro to IFC

As traffic volume skyrockets and security threats escalate, today's networks are expanding to employ more sophisticated and pervasive monitoring techniques. As networks expand and new devices are added, IT administrators need a holistic view of the network to consolidate management, ease orchestration efforts, and eliminate blind spots.

When efficiency and ease-of-use matter, companies trust Ixia's Fabric Controller technology — a SDx (software defined everything) controller for device management — to provide a centralized visibility and security fabric. Offering single-pane-of-glass management, IFC Cluster helps you efficiently manage and configure network packet brokers (NPBs) in a distributed environment, all via a single user interface.


A Security and Monitoring Fabric

Like an SDN controller does for a network, IFC Cluster provides centralized management of your Vision network packet brokers (NPBs). With IFC Cluster, multiple Vision NPBs can be connected to create a security and monitoring fabric that operates as a single, cohesive layer that sits between the network and security and monitoring tools. This centralized, single fabric offers resilience, flexibility, and scalability for your network.

Security Fabric

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