Waveform and Function Generator Solutions


Waveform and Function Generator Solutions


Gain deeper measurement insights with Trueform technology


Keysight’s Trueform technology provides key advantages over direct digital synthesis (DDS), the incumbent technology used in today’s waveform generators. Trueform’s benefits include a lower waveform jitter for less test uncertainty and a true representation of the selected waveform, rather than an approximation


Get superior signal fidelity


Trueform technology gives you the highest resolution, lowest distortion, and lowest jitter when compared to DDS function / arbitrary waveform generators at a comparable price


Our Trueform technology embedded in the Keysight 33600A / 33500B Series represents the next leap in waveform generation to give you a predictable low-noise waveform without any skipped waveform points


• Generate the full range of signals you need for the most demanding measurement.

• Test your devices with confidence knowing the waveform generator is outputting the signals you require and expect.

• Select just the capabilities you want now, then upgrade easily when your requirements change.


Generate waveforms faster with Keysight PathWave BenchVue PC software


BenchVue PC software applications for the 33600A / 33500B Series waveform generators can help you configure a wide range of controls and measurements.


• Easily connect, record results, and visualize measurements across multiple instruments simultaneously, without the need for programming.

• Quickly create automated test sequences with minimal instrument knowledge.

• Get easy access to extensive data, screen captures, trace, and measurement logging capabilities.

• Export your data in multiple formats in just a few clicks.


Gain Accurate Measurement Insights


Keysight’s exclusive Trueform technology gives you the confidence to produce the exact waveforms you need with best-in-class signal fidelity, surpassing the performance of direct digital synthesis (DDS) technology


With Trueform Series waveform and function generators, you can define any waveform shape and length with point-by-point arbitrary waveform capability. Anti-aliasing technology ensures your waveforms are accurate and playable at any rate you select. Play signals, as defined, at the exact sample rate, without missing short-duration anomalies critical for testing device reliability


Better signal integrity

Get the waveform you want, regardless of frequency or sample rate. Get the highest signal fidelity so you can generate the exact waveforms you need for your most challenging measurements.


Lower harmonic distortion

Measure your design characteristics, not those of your waveform generator. Trueform wave generators offer up to 5x better fidelity than other generators with clean, spurious-free signals that will not introduce noise or artifacts


Reduced jitter

Less jitter gives you an exceptionally low phase noise for the most accurate representation of signals. With better jitter performance, you can place edges more accurately to reduce timing errors in your circuit design


Variable bandwidth noise

Adjust the bandwidth of the built-in noise generator to control the frequency content of your signal. Trueform lets you test with clean, precise, low-noise signals


Waveform summing and combining capability

Create dual-tone multifrequency signals without a dual-channel generator. On a two-channel model, you can sum and combine up to four signals


Enabled with Keysight PathWave BenchVue software

Intuitively control your waveform generators, build automated tests, and design custom waveforms from your PC with easy-to-use creation tools. BenchVue Waveform Builder Pro enables you to sequence multiple waveforms together


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