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PathWave Manufacturing Analytics

Technical Overviews

Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory


Digital Transformation in manufacturing is driving Industry 4.0, and big data analytics is the key technology driver. Large amounts of test data from machines and systems are captured and analyzed to generate actionable insights, driving the benefits of Industry 4.0 adoption. Digital Transformation is the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business, fundamentally changing how the business operates and delivers value to the customers. 


What is PathWave Manufacturing Analytics?


PathWave Manufacturing Analytics is an Industry 4.0 ready electronics manufacturing data analytics platform that performs real-time advanced analytics using information extracted from big data, such as manufacturing processes, tests and equipment data agnostically. 


While there are many big data analytics platforms and IoT monitoring solutions, the difference with PathWave Manufacturing Analytics is that it harnesses the hidden value of all of the granular test data being generated every second to acquire, transform and analyze to improve the actual end product quality and not just improving maintenance of an equipment or process. After all, in manufacturing the actual product quality is what matters most, where reputation is gained and lost.


Unlock the Full Potential of Data


PathWave Manufacturing Analytics built-in advanced algorithms perform a holistic and extensive range of proven and use-case driven data analytics that unlocks deeper insights about your product quality, manufacturing process and equipment.


• Descriptive - Transforms complex information with data visualization into reporting dashboards.

• Diagnostic - Performs intensive data mining, data search and multi-level drill-down analysis.

• Predictive - Anticipates anomalies and discover hidden correlations in equipment, process or product to mitigate risks of failures or down time.


Measurement Science Meets Data Science


As the domain expert in test and measurement since 1930s, Keysight combines superb knowledge of measurement science with data science expertise to deliver algorithms that truly achieve the desired operational outcome. 


With the built-in automated monitoring algorithms, PathWave Manufacturing Analytics trigger actionable alerts in real time in the event of anomalies. This allows manufacturers to reduce Cost of Poor Quality (COPQ) and improve Overall Equipment Efficiencies (OEE), by alerting the user to take necessary action prior to issue occurs.


Seamless Implementation into Existing System


PathWave Manufacturing Analytics’ powerful yet platformagnostic nature means that any existing equipment or database can be seamlessly integrated easily with minimal changes, keeping investment costs low. The database can be configured on premise or on cloud, giving you the flexibility to scale as your business grows.


Our consultants will work with you in identifying use cases and opportunities, creating a customized integrated analytics solution for your competitive advantage. 


Common Use Cases in Electronics Manufacturing Industry


PathWave Manufacturing Analytics effectively addresses five key areas that advanced analytics can be leveraged to impact your manufacturing ecosystem and add value to the entire supply chain. 


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