PathWave FPGA Software

Customize your instruments to accelerate your measurements. Simplify the development of custom digital signal processing algorithms for hardware FPGA devices. Reconfigure instruments with shorter compiling time and customizable processing functions.  With a combination of development and run-time FPGA software, unlock the power of your Keysight instruments.

  • Rapidly prototype new control structures on arbitrary waveform generators and digitizers with FPGA software
  • Insert your own logic into instrument FPGAs
  • Compile-to-hardware with one-click
  • Quickly visualize your application flow
  • Streamline your design process with native FPGA-code compatibility
  • Supports VHDL, Verilog and Xilinx projects, and Xilinx IP Catalog

Insert Your FPGA Logic into Keysight Instruments

Get more from your arbitrary waveform generator, digitizer, and transceiver. Add logic, control, and combinatorial routines to a wide range of Keysight instruments. PathWave FPGA software opens up Keysight instruments, enabling you to insert custom logic into the instrument FPGA. Learn how to use PathWave FPGA software with the Keysight M3102A Digitizer today.

Key Features

Rapidly prototype FPGA code on Keysight AWGs, digitizers, and more

User-friendly graphical FPGA programming environment

Native FPGA code compatibility

Compile to hardware with one click

Ready-to-use libraries minimize custom FPGA code development

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