Stay ahead of the latest compliance requirements. Keysight Test as a Service (TaaS) helps you face the challenges of increasing test complexity, budget constraints, and limited technical resources.

EMC Testing — Boeblingen, Germany

New and emerging wireless standards and regulations are increasing the complexity of test. The time to stay ahead of these governing bodies is a challenge to your budget and engineering resources. The pressure to pass or even surpass compliance testing has never been greater.

Our lab testing service in Boeblingen, Germany, helps your test engineers to simulate, debug, and comply your equipment to global standards and regulations. Not only is our lab equipped with the latest automated testing service and design simulation tools, but our expert EMC test engineers can also perform accurate measurements to solve your tough compliance challenges. Take advantage of Keysight EMC test as a service to reduce your risk of redesign and product recall liability.

EMC Chamber in Germany provides EMC Test as a service
5G C-V2X test as a service is provided by our test lab in Novi, Michigan

Rev up your automotive innovation at Keysight's Automotive testing centers

Looking to accelerate your automotive breakthroughs? Look no further than Keysight's Automotive Customer Centers (ACC) spanning the globe. Our cutting edge facilities are tailored to meet your needs, offering state-of-the-art equipment and expertise to propel your projects forward. 

From simulating to debugging, and ensuring compliance, Keysight is your trusted partner every step of the way. Whether you're delving into e-mobility, navigating the complexities of connected car technologies, or pioneering autonomous vehicles, we've got you covered. Validate your Devices Under Test (DUT) with confidence, adhering to global standards and regulations.  

Regulatory Testing — Penang, Malaysia

As the world becomes more electronically connected, testing becomes increasingly complex. The dramatic number of potential emitters of electromagnetic interference (EMI) in autonomous cars, IoT devices, and 5G phones requires new tests to new standards. The pressure to pass compliance testing and receive certification has never been greater.

Partner with our experts and accredited EMC Test Lab in Penang, Malaysia, to simulate, debug, comply, and certify your products to global standards and regulations. We help you test components, assemblies, and whole vehicles.

Keysight has been certified by Proton as the one of test labs in Malaysia that can perform testing for electronic subassembly. This was a major milestone in enabling the automotive industry ecosystem within Malaysia. Keysight proudly announces that the laboratory has been officially approved to perform EMC test for Proton.

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