Get the equipment you need now to address leading test challenges while managing your budgets. Keysight Financial Services, along with our program partners, allows you to choose from a suite of financial offers to support your business requirements.

Financial Services

Keysight Financial Services options address the different operational and financial requirements. Take advantage of these offerings to get the test solution you need now while optimizing your operational (OpEx) and capital (CapEx) budgets.

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Keysight Instant Buy options graphic

Instant Buy

Get the right equipment. Right now.

  • Manage budgets by spreading payments into 12 monthly installments of your purchase price.
  • Access Keysight’s wide range of eligible products.
  • Apply distributed payments for a combination of instruments, accessories, and services.

Available in select countries.


Rent now. Decide later.

  • Address today’s test requirements while retaining financial flexibility.
  • Extend purchasing power with limited CapEx budgets.
  • Achieve urgent time-to-market deadlines using OpEx with option for future ownership.
  • Accrue credit from rental payments toward optional buyout.

Available in select countries.

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