WaveTest 6

Next-generation Wi-Fi test platform

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  • Simulate large-scale and real-world Wi-Fi deployments with complete client control
  • Optimize the AP scheduler with actionable key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • End-to-end traffic simulation and measurement with built-in Multi-Gig Ethernet
  • Accurately assess latency and throughput gains, with hardware-based measurements
  • Dive deeper with complete OFDMA packet captures and IxVeriWave custom Radio Tap Headers

Problem: Measuring Wi-Fi 6 Performance Gain

Wi-Fi 6 promises 4x performance gain in dense environments through efficient use of spectrum. For the first time, multiple Wi-Fi clients can transmit or receive concurrently using orthogonal frequency-division multiple access (OFDMA) with allocated resource units. As the number of simultaneous users scales up in a diverse client mix at varying distances, it becomes extremely challenging and time-consuming to debug and diagnose test sessions that involve multiple concurrent clients.

A next-generation test tool capable of simulating multi-user OFDMA at scale is required to fully validate the functionality and performance gain promised by 802.11ax technology.

Wi-Fi 6
Wi-Fi 6 test

Solution: Purpose-Built, Scalable, Multi-User OFDMA Wi-Fi 6 Tester

Based on custom radio, baseband, and FPGA technology, WaveTest 6 is the industry’s first test solution capable of measuring multi-user OFDMA performance gain at scale. It can emulate up to 500 stateful clients and simultaneous users across all resource unit combinations. This high-performance hardware achieves theoretical maximum rates across all frame sizes.

The key is to validate the access point (AP) scheduler performance by modeling the real-world network with a diverse Wi-Fi 6 and legacy client mix at varying distances from the access point. Real-time statistics provide critical insights that help to correlate the Wi-Fi 6 network performance across layers. A single capture view helps you debug and diagnosis multi-user OFDMA issues.

WaveTest 6 integrates client simulation, traffic generation/analysis, and multi-user OFDMA packet capture capabilities in a single platform, making it a very powerful, one-stop solution for validating 802.11-based products.

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