Keysight’s industry-leading range of 5G Over-The-Air (OTA) chambers are essential components of Keysight’s NES solutions for bringing 5G millimeter-wave products to market. Keysight’s 5G OTA chambers are designed to integrate with the device development workflow, from early chipset and device prototyping through design verification to conformance and carrier acceptance.

Keysight’s chambers include small footprint Direct Far-Field DFF chambers for chipset bring-up and verification, protocol development, device radio verification and carrier-acceptance tests. These chambers are configurable with either single Angle of Arrival (AoA) or three AoA probe configurations, and are provided with cable connections for combined FR1/FR2 testing. Extreme Temperature Condition (ETC) testing is available as an option.

Market leading Compact Antenna Test Ranges (CATRs) provide the industry’s most accurate chambers for measuring Over-The-Air antenna performance and RF conformance tests. Keysight’s measurement solutions utilizing CATR chambers enable device conformance testing to 3GPP and CTIA standards. Configurable options include In-Band or Spurious frequency ranges, a choice of Quiet Zone (QZ) size, standard and high-torque positioners, and ETC.

Multi-Probe Anechoic Chambers (MPAC) provide the means to measure MIMO and Radio Resource Management (RRM) performance under faded conditions to verify, validate and stress device performance parameters. These chambers are configurable with different numbers and positions of probe antennas to support different use cases.

Keysight’s 5G OTA chambers seamlessly integrate with network and channel emulation solutions for comprehensive validation of 5G device performance.

Over-The-Air Test

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S7601A Antenna Measurement Solution

The S7601A Antenna Measurement Solution is designed to provide all aspects of antenna test and verification with high accuracy and speed.

The solution offers a comprehensive and user-friendly software interface that integrates and synchronizes digital control of Keysight’s high-performance test instruments (PNA-X vector network analyzer and VXG vector signal generator), the antenna under test (AUT) beamforming integrated circuits (using F7601002A Phased Array Antenna Calibration), and Keysight’s compact antenna test range (CATR) systems (using F7601001A Antenna Pattern Measurement).

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