• High-performance spectrum analysis on M983xA and M980xA series network analyzers.
  • Fast spurious searches.
  • A multi-channel SA with internal swept-signal generators.
  • In-fixture spectrum measurements using VNA calibration.
  • Fast band-/noise-power measurements.

The S95090B spectrum analyzer (SA) measurement software adds high-performance microwave spectrum analysis to PXI VNAs. With fast stepped-FFT sweeps resulting from optimized data processing, the SA software application provides quick spurious searches over broad frequency ranges. The S95090B software uses the PXI network analyzer's test and reference receivers to complete simultaneous spectrum measurements. Multi-channel SA measurements leverage the PXI VNA's internal swept-signal generators for efficient measurements of spurious signals emanating from mixers and frequency converters. The S95090B spectrum analyzer software application employs source-power and receiver-response calibration as well as fixture de-embedding, providing in-fixture and on-wafer spectrum measurements with the highest level of accuracy. Optional external attenuators should be connected with the VNA’s test ports to avoid receiver compression when measuring large signals.

The S95090B software requires Option 090 or 190 on the M980xA, or Option 190 on the M983xA.

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