UeSIM UE Emulation Solutions for RAN Testing

UeSIM UE emulation solutions enable infrastructure vendors, chipset providers and mobile operators to validate end-to-end Radio Access Network performance by emulating real network traffic over both radio and O-RAN fronthaul interfaces. Fully scalable, our systems have been designed to accelerate multi-standard end-to-end network verification by generating IP traffic load, simulating applications running on thousands of concurrent devices operating real voice and data sessions. Both conducted and live testing across the full range of frequencies are supported, with the possibility to cover real-world scenarios spanning protocol and load testing in the lab to field testing, trials and deployments.

Validate 5G RAN functionality and performance both in field and lab testing

  • Full protocol stack assessment from L1 to L7.
  • Functional testing – layer by layer — up to thousands UEs.
  • Load testing of 5G RAN — NSA and SA modes.
  • gNB wrap-around testing with core emulation option (CoreSIM).
  • Real smartphone applications and traffic profiles simulation.
  • Perform service quality validation with subscriber modeling, and multi-play voice, video, and data traffic generation: eMBMS, VoNR, ViNR.
  • Advanced mobility scenarios, fading and cross-cell interference simulation.
  • NTN 5G NR Test
  • RedCap UE Emulation

Non-Terrestrial Networks (NTNs)

Using satellites to expand your wireless communications reach

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