Bring your radar target scenarios to life with advanced visualization to configure and quickly assess radar and target configurations prior to simulation.


The W4515E PathWave Aerospace Defense Visualization Kit includes:

  • Easily configure multiple radar sources and parameters
  • Create multiple target objects and define their properties and motion
  • See the complete radar or EW scenario in action with advanced visualization powered by STK

The W4515E PathWave Aerospace Defense Visualization Kit gives radar system designers an easy, intuitive way to configure and view multiple objects and targets in a radar or EW system simulation. A simple user interface allows configuration of all the required radar and interferer source parameters including radar type, frequency, power, and many others. Objects and targets can also be easily added including type of object, size, RCS, physical position, and motion.

Once the system is configured, advanced visualization powered by STK by AGI, an Ansys Company, lets users confirm the configuration of their scenario prior to simulation. With the addition of the Aerospace Defense Visualization Kit, radar and EW system designers can configure their system simulations faster than ever and quickly evaluate their system performance.

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