• DC to 40 GHz frequency range
  • Calibration standards to perform full 2-port calibration with fixed and sliding loads
  • Torque wrench and open-end wrenches for properly connecting standards
  • Contains one NMD 2.4 mm (f) to 2.92 mm (f) and one NMD 2.4 mm (f) to 2.92 mm (m) test port adapter to adapt the 2.4 mm test ports of the PNA to 2.92 mm. User needs to supply appropriate 2.92 mm test port cables.
  • Contains 2.92 mm in-series adapters (3 each)
  • Standard definitions on USB stick for loading into PNA family network analyzer

The Keysight 85056KE01 mechanical calibration kit contains precision standard devices to characterize the systematic errors of Keysight network analyzers. This kit supports 2.92 mm SOLT cal standards including both fixed and sliding loads. It also contains adapters to change the sex of the VNA test port from NMD 2.4 mm to 2.92 mm. Please note, these adapters are for use on VNA’s NMD 2.4 mm test port. They are not general purpose adapters. In addition, 2.92 mm in-series adapters (quantity 3) are provided. The kit also includes 5/16 torque wrench, 5/16 and 7/16 open-end wrenches for proper connection. Included are standards definitions for PNA family VNA’s on USB stick.

User must supply 2.92 mm test port cables for transmission measurements.

The Keysight 85056KE01 calibration kit is an ordering convenience to allow the pass through ordering from Keysight Technologies, Inc. for the Maury 8770E47 calibration kit.

Maury Microwave Terms and Conditions for Warranty and Return apply. Maury Microwave Corp. calibration kits are to be returned directly to Maury Microwave for service, repair, or calibration issues and not to Keysight Technologies.

Keysight Technologies does not guarantee the performance of the Maury calibration kits or the system performance when connected to Keysight Microwave PNA Series network analyzers.

Maury does not automatically provide a commercial calibration certificate with full compliance traceability. If needed, an additional 2 weeks will be added to delivery and Keysight option 85056KE01-COC must be ordered at an additional price and must be requested and configured at the time of quotation and ordering.

Maury Microwave does provide a Certificate of Conformance without additional charge and that will be included if option COC is not selected. (Similar to a Keysight Functional Certificate).

85056KE01 Standard Mechanical Calibration Kit

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