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W2630 Series DDR2 BGA Probes for Logic Analyzers and Oscilloscopes

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The W2630 Series DDR2 BGA probes enable probing of embedded memory DIMMs directly at the ball grid array with Keysight logic analyzers and oscilloscopes.

The Keysight Technologies, Inc.W2630A series DDR2 BGA probes for logic analyzers and oscilloscopes enable viewing of data traffic on industry standard DDR2 DRAMs with the Keysight 16900 Series logic analysis system and Infiniium 80000 Series oscilloscopes.

DDR2 BGA Probe Connection to an Agilent Keysight Analyzer

The W2630A Series DDR2 BGA probes are used with the 46 channel single-ended ZIF probe which connects to 90-pin logic analyzer cable. The BGA probe has ZIF connections on each wing to connect to DDR2 address, control and data signals to the logic analyzer through the 46 channel single-ended ZIF probe. Different probes are available for different DRAM signal probing.

Protocol Analysis

The W2630A series BGA probe along with the B4621A memory bus decoder provides complete protocol decode of memory transactions using an Keysight logic analyzer as the analysis execution engine. This combination provides memory bus triggering, debug and compliance verification measurements. Data is decoded and displayed at any level of detail from the protocol to binary. The B4621A protocol-decode software translates acquired signals into easily understood bus transactions, at the full bus speed. The Keysight logic analyzer provides extensive triggering and store qualification features. The DDR protocol-decode software executes in the logic analyzer and takes user input on system attributes such as Burst length, CAS and Additive Latency, as well as Chip Selects to decode the key DDR bus signals and present a display that lists the transaction type, address, data and command conditions. The software also supports user-defined symbols that can be easily added to the state listing display.

DDR2 BGA Probe Connection to an Oscilloscope

The DDR2 BGA probe is used with W2639A scope probe adapter and the E2678A socketed probe head with damping headers to connect to the oscilloscope. The socketed probe head makes a 4 GHz bandwidth (typical) connection with the pin headers on the W2639A scope probe adapter.


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