An integrated EM, and quantum extraction design environment for the seamless design of superconducting qubits.


The W3037E PathWave QuantumPro includes:

  • EM design environment
  • Integrated circuit/layout/EM for the design of superconducting qubits
  • QuantumPro 3DEM simulators (FEM for frequency domain and eigenmode and Momentum for frequency domain)
  • Automated quantum parameter extraction from both frequency-domain and eigenmode solutions
  • Linear Circuit Simulator for EM-circuit co-simulation
  • Built-in design automation using QuantumPro Python scripting
  • Modeling of the kinetic inductance in the EM flow

PathWave QuantumPro offers an all-inclusive electromagnetic design environment for faster development of superconducting qubits, seamlessly combining circuit analysis, layout, EM, and quantum extraction in one integrated workflow. Precision is paramount with QuantumPro 3DEM simulators, spanning FEM for frequency domain and eigenmode, and Momentum for frequency domain analyses. Revolutionize your workflow with automated quantum parameter extraction from both frequency-domain and eigenmode solutions. Effortlessly optimize with built-in design automation via QuantumPro Python scripting. Elevate your EM flow with kinetic inductance modeling. Experience quantum innovation simplified with PathWave QuantumPro.

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