Easily set up and calibrate swept intermodulation distortion measurements (IMD) measurements using the S96087B software application with the ENA.


  • Internal and external sources provide fast swept-IMD measurements, typically more than 100 times faster than the traditional spectrum-analyzer-based approach
  • An easy test set up with two sources and a simple user interface
  • Internal calibration routine for improved accuracy

The S96087B intermodulation distortion (IMD) application makes it easy to set up and calibrate swept-IMD measurements of both amplifiers and frequency converters on the ENA-X or ENA network analyzer. It controls the frequency and power of internal and external sources and tunes the receivers to the main tones as well as the IMD products in a single measurement channel. You can sweep either the center frequency of the two stimulus signals, the frequency spacing of the two stimulus signals about a fixed center frequency, the power of one or both stimulus signals or the power of the LO signal.

The analyzer can measure intermodulation distortion products of order 2, 3, 5, 7, or 9, and display the associated intercept points. S96087B requires the use of the Direct Receiver Access (DRA) configuration using a 4-port E5081A or E5080B. Additionally, an external source, dual directional coupler, and an external combiner are required.

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