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Case Studies

Keysight Technologies is a leading provider of network security and performance solutions for enterprises and service providers. One of their products is the Vision ONE network packet broker (NPB), which enables customers to share data from limited access points to multiple tools, filter and aggregate traffic, and reduce troubleshooting time and costs. A $4B food product manufacturer that distributes packaged coffee, health/natural foods, and other edibles across North America used the Vision ONE NPB to solve their network problems. They had a complex network with approximately 7,500 networking devices deployed at their headquarters and 33 remote locations. They used various tools, such as application performance management (APM), intrusion detection systems (IDS), URL filtering, packet capture, and data loss prevention (DLP). The customer faced several challenges, such as SPAN port shortages, unnecessary and duplicate monitoring data, and time-consuming and difficult troubleshooting. They purchased an Keysight Vision ONE NPB to be deployed in their primary data center located at their headquarters. With this configuration, they were able to share data from only two SPAN ports in each switch to all of their deployed tools. They also used the NPB to filter out irrelevant traffic and send only specific data to each tool, improving their tool efficiency and utilization. The customer achieved significant results with the Vision ONE NPB, such as eliminating SPAN port contention, reducing MTTR by 70%, decreasing the utilization of the gigabit link from 90% to 10%, and configuring and deploying the NPB within 30 minutes. The customer was very satisfied with the ease of use and performance of the NPB. To learn more about Keysight Technologies’ products, applications or services, please visit or contact your local Keysight office. The complete list of contact information is available at:


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