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Media Provider Enhances Cloud Security

Case Studies

Ixia visibility solutions are used by a media provider to enhance cloud security and performance. They use Ixia’s CloudLens platform for data visibility in their public cloud instances. They also use web application firewall, intrusion detection systems, and forensics tools to identify and stop attacks. Ixia visibility solutions offer customers the ability to see and inspect traffic in the public cloud, manipulate the data sent to each security solution from a central location, and track user access and activity. They help customers improve their security posture, protect their assets, and reduce configuration errors. They also help customers deploy visibility automatically, scale without limit, and pay as a monthly operating expense. To learn more about Ixia visibility solutions, visit or contact your local sales representative. You can also request a quote or a demo online. Ixia is a part of Keysight Technologies, a leading technology company that helps enterprises, service providers, and governments accelerate innovation to connect and secure the world.


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