How to Test EV Charging Conformance

Scienlab Charging Discovery System
+ Scienlab Charging Discovery System

Accelerating EV conformance and interoperability testing with emulation

Verifying compatibility of new vehicle models with different charger types and compliance with a wide range of global standards requires the use of a charging analyzer as a reference measuring instrument, a power source, and an electronic load. With these instruments, quantitative decisions on charging status, rather than just a pass / fail determination, can be made. The instruments support three use cases: system-in-the-middle test, electric vehicle (EV) test, and EV supply equipment (EVSE) test.

For the system-in-the-middle test, the charging analyzer sits between the charger and the EV to observe the behavior of the device under test (actual voltage, current, and protocol decryption). Emulate a charging station during the EV test by using the power source and charging analyzer. This method allows all combinations of AC and DC charging interfaces and communication protocols between the vehicle and chargers, operating on differing standards, to be tested. For the EVSE test, the charging analyzer is combined with an electronic load that emulates an automotive battery to emulate an EV.

EV charging test solution

EV charging test solution

Accelerating charging infrastructure standard conformance and interoperability verification requires emulating real-world charging stations in the lab. The Keysight Scienlab Charging Discovery System and Charging Discover test software enable automated in-lab testing of EV and EV supply equipment charging interfaces. Use it to perform all necessary conformance and interoperability tests to worldwide standards, including CCS, CHAdeMO, and GB/T.


You can use the Charging Discovery System in combination with Keysight's regenerative DC power supply. The bidirectional power supply can emulate an EV. It provides up to 30 kW per instrument in a small, high-density package, with regeneration returning 90% of power to the grid.

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