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Your network is changing. SD-WAN, 5G, and edge computing affect how your network looks, how it behaves, and how quickly it reacts. Your users span cities, countries, and continents. But when customers and employees demand 24/7 access to critical applications, service outages can delay time-to-market, jeopardize customer loyalty, and erode your competitive advantage.

A next-generation network demands cutting-edge performance monitoring. That's why network operations teams trust Keysight Hawkeye to maintain quality of service (QoS) without the headaches.

What Is Active Monitoring?


Get In Front of Network Performance Issues Don't React to Them

When your business depends on peak performance, you cannot afford to wait until your monitoring tools detect a problem. You need to get proactive. That is where active monitoring (also known as synthetic monitoring) proves its worth.


Key Specifications

Test Types Available from Library

Speed test, Unified Comm. tests, Office 365 apps testing, Echo Tests

Hardware Endpoints

XR300, IxProbe

Software Endpoints

Windows, Linux, MacOS, VM Container, Android

Deployment Architectures

Mobile Devices, Data Centers, Public Clouds, Core Network, Remote Sites

More Test Types Available

Multicast video, WiFi monitoring, user experience tests, DNS response time

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Measurements That Matter

Network Monitoring icon

Active QoS Monitoring

Be the first to know what is happening on your network by monitoring user experience in real time. Active QoS monitoring helps you maximize uptime by identifying issues proactively and troubleshooting faster.

Wi-fi Monitoring icon

Wi-Fi Monitoring

The explosive growth of mobility, bring your own device, and the Internet of Things demand you ensure the best Wi-Fi connectivity is available. That's why Hawkeye helps you detect outages and bottlenecks before they impact user experience.

Web and Application Monitoring icon

Web and Application Monitoring

Your workforce is more distributed than ever. That's why Hawkeye makes it easy to maintain communication, coordination, and collaboration by ensuring consistent, quality access to local and cloud-based services.

Cloud Monitoring icon

Cloud Monitoring

Cloud-hosted infrastructure sends critical traffic beyond your network to reach SaaS applications. With Hawkeye, you get visibility into the cloud to proactively detect, troubleshoot, and remediate access issues.

Don't Get Blinded by the Edge

Achieve maximum coverage with our full suite of performance monitoring endpoints for Hawkeye

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