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E5052B Signal Source Analyzer

Technical Overviews

Everything you need for signal source analysis in one instrument

Testing the performance of next-generation signal sources such as voltage-controlled oscillators (VCOs), surface acoustic wave (SAW) oscillators, dielectric resonator oscillator (DROs), PLL synthesizers, RFICs, transmitters, clock generators in high-speed data communication systems, and other devices can be challenging - especially with a bench full of instruments. Valuable time is spent learning to use multiple tools, determining the best tool to use, calibrating each instrument, setting up measurements, and then getting the right parameters. Capability restrictions in a number of the older instruments also make it difficult and time consuming to obtain right parameters to get accurate measurements.

With Keysight Technologies’ new Signal Source Analyzer (SSA), engineers no longer need a bench full of tools. All they need is one comprehensive test solution to perform next-generation signal source analysis.

The Keysight E5052B Signal Source Analyzer:

  • Performs all the critical signal source evaluations in one instrument
  • Simplifies complicated, time-consuming measurements and dramatically reduces test time
  • Provides excellent phase noise and transient measurements with performance to meet tough measurement challenges
  • Has the right combination of performance and ease-of-use to significantly improve design and test productivity by reducing calibration cycles and switch maintenance.

Keysight’s Signal Source Analyzer delivers unparalleled performance and versatility for a variety of signal sources in a wide range of industries such as wireless communications, aerospace & defense, satellite communications, automotive, education, and more.

One instrument does it all…

Keysight’s Signal Source Analyzer provides an indispensable set of measurements in one comprehensive tool:

  • Phase noise
  • Frequency, phase, and power, transients over time
  • Frequency, RF power, and DC current
  • Spectrum monitor
  • AM noise measurement
  • Baseband noise measurement

Industry-leading performance in one easy-to-use instrument

Keysight’s Signal Source Analyzer is the ultimate tool for signal source analysis. Using the latest innovative technology, it is specifically designed to provide you with all the critical measurements and performance you need in a single instrument.

This all-in-one solution is optimized for efficient measurements, high reliability, and offers easy-to-use features to minimize training and increase productivity.

The SSA provides the right combination of performance and flexibility to meet your signal source test needs now and well into the future.

Easy one-step phase noise measurement

The Signal Source Analyzer provides a true one-step phase noise measurement. This eliminates time-consuming measurement set ups and system calibration. Built-in low-noise reference sources, lock the system to the carrier of the measured signal, automatically enabling and dramatically improving measurement speed. Tedious phase noise measurements are now more than 10 times faster.

Real-time phase noise measurement

The measurement speed is exceptionally fast. With a frequency offset range between 1 kHz to 100 MHz, measurements only take 0.45 seconds per measurement. Real-time phase noise measurements not only dramatically improve test time, they also quickly help identify the root cause of undesired behavior of a source-under-test.

Exceptional phase noise sensitivity

Cross-correlation technique provides exceptional phase noise sensitivity

Dual channel receivers enable a “cross-correlation” technique to lower the instrument’s noise floor at all offset frequencies. Traditionally the phase noise of reference source used in the system limits the measurement sensitivity. However, this technique essentially cancels noises of built-in reference sources and overcomes the limitation. The amount of noise cancellation depends on the “number” of correlations. For example, 100 times correlation reduces 10 dB of phase noise floor. Correlations of up to 10,000-times produces a 20 dB phase noise sensitivity improvement.

Trace integration and jitter conversion offers quick and accurate jitter analysis

Integrated phase noise between two points specified by the band marker function can be automatically calculated. Both rms jitter and residual FM are also displayed. This function allows you to evaluate the noise contribution in the communication channels or the random jitter of clock sources quickly and accurately. When compared to oscilloscopes, the SSA provides better sensitivity of random jitter measurements (as low as femto second). Optional E5001A Precision Clock Jitter Analysis Software offers more usability on jitter evaluation such as RJ/PJ separation, jitter trend and histogram.

Outstanding low-noise DC sources provide accuracy and flexibility

The Signal Source Analyzer provides and controls the DC power supply as well as the DC control (tuning) voltage source. These DC sources are floated from the ground and isolated from external noise to ensure accuracy and repeatability.

In particular, the DC control voltage source supplies an ultra-low-noise DC signal (1nV/√Hz at 10 kHz offset) to measure free-running voltage controlled oscillators. This enables you to make measures without a low pass filter. This is superior to the conventional methods because it reduces noise on the control signal (controlling voltage quickly), while improving flexibility and total test throughput.

A complete set of transient measurements

The Signal Source Analyzer provides dual channel measurements to fully characterize switching signal sources. In the wideband mode, the entire behavior of frequency jumps can be observed. In the narrowband mode, you can analyze detailed information of frequency, phase, and power over time. All of these measurements can be done simultaneously and displayed as multiple traces. This enables designers to evaluate the dynamic response of synthesizers, LO circuits, and transmitters quickly.

Better sampling rate, better frequency resolution

One of today’s measurement challenges is testing fast frequency switching sources. These sources lock up within sub-micro seconds and are used in high-speed wireless data communication and aerospace/defense radars. To meet this requirement, the Signal Source Analyzer offers an 8 nsec sampling rate. This provides enhanced sampling resolution and better frequency resolution to meet the requirements of future high-speed switching source characterization (7 kHz of frequency resolution at 8 nsec sampling rate, and 0.2 Hz of frequency resolution at 8 usec sampling rate).

Hardware trigger, video, and pre-trigger capabilities

The hardware trigger input port is provided with the analyzer to synchronize the source-under-test to change with the measurement trigger. Pre-trigger capability is available to observe phenomena before and after events. The enhanced video trigger capability is also useful to quickly check the behavior of frequency jumps at your bench. 


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