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The current web page context is about Test as a Service (TaaS), a cost-effective, fast, and accurate approach to testing network functions and security offered by Keysight Technologies. The web page describes the benefits of TaaS, such as reducing project risk, optimizing IT investments, and delivering actionable analysis of network infrastructure. The web page also introduces the professional services, test products, and test packages that Keysight provides for various testing scenarios, such as firewall, IPS/IDS/DLP, and DDoS. The web page contains several URLs that lead to more information about Keysight's solutions, such as,, and The web page also mentions some of Keysight's products and models, such as BreakingPoint, IxLoad, Virtual Edition (VE), CloudStorm, and PerfectStorm. The web page provides technical specifications for some of the test cases and scenarios, such as layer 4 and layer 7 performance, latency, application filtering, security strikes/malware, and stability. The web page does not include price data or information. The web page provides ordering information for some of the test packages, such as 972-6900 (3-day basic package) for firewall testing and 972-6901 (3-day basic package) for IPS/IDS/DLP testing. The web page also provides contact information for sales inquiries, such as 1-800-829-4444 (US) or (worldwide).


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